Get Outdoors—Hiking in San Luis Obispo and More

Warm days filled with sun, cool nights, mountains, beaches, and friendly people are good enough reasons to visit San Luis Obispo County. But you may want to venture into the great outdoors. For many people, a relaxing walk on the beach, a trip to see the famous elephant seal rookery, or a short walk at the Elfin Forest are enough. But if you have come seeking adventure, you will find more than enough to keep you entertained in the Morro Bay area.

A local favorite among outdoor activities in San Luis Obispo, this park boasts ocean views and a variety of easy and moderate hikes. Montana de Oro State Park is probably your best bet for close hiking and nature walks, with nine major trails of varying difficulty, terrain, and views. This state park is free of charge, with many places to enjoy a picnic lunch with a view of waves crashing against beaches and cliffs. The Coon Creek trail is an excellent choice for a hot day. This trail follows a lush creek bed up from the coast for several miles with very little uphill. Shade from the native trees and cool water flowing next to the trail keep you cool.

You can also choose to hike on a trail that follows the coast the entire way from the campgrounds to the end of the park. Finally, for the adventurous, try climbing the Ridge Trail, closer to park entrance. It will take you up several hundred feet for a panoramic view of Morro Rock, the entire park, and the bay.