Winery of the Month

September 2019

Tooth & Nail Winery

Rabble Wine Company was founded by Rob Murray, an upstart grower who bootstrapped his winery from the trenches of the vineyard. The challenges imposed by nature were numerous, but he was determined to gain the upper hand. To this day, Rabble remains rooted in this core aspiration. Each of our brands reflects its own distinct expression of the Rabble Wine Company world. They are: Rabble, Tooth & Nail, Amor Fati and Stasis. Often polarizing but never ignored, our wines are the milestones of an unlikely journey.

Winemaker Jeremy Leffert leans toward the philosophical and views himself more as a shepherd than a maker." My approach is to treat everything with such care that it's almost transparent and you hear this voice from the vineyard," he says. He is ever alert to avoid what he calls "the dominance of the winemaker's hand." Vineyard expression must only be accentuated, and never obstructed. Jeremy's mindset is technically and physically demanding. It is a quest to match non-saccharomyces, saccharomyces and wild yeast strains to each wine and vineyard; to optimize individual lot maturation from a mix of oak barrels, foudres, concrete tanks and other alternative vessels; and to go to great lengths at every step, such as removing barrel heads to conduct micro open-top fermentations. The native energy that you taste in our wines is no accident—it is the outcome of a discerning winemaker working in concert with nature's intent.