Apple Farm Millhouse

With its 6,000-lb. white oak water wheel and antique machinery, the mill is able to run a gristmill. The bearings and cast iron hubs for the wheel are over 100 years old and were originally used in an old mill on the East Coast. Some of the other parts came from the wood shop of the old junior high school that sat on the corner of Johnson Street and Marsh Street. Stroll around the Millhouse and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the soothing sound of water in the beautifully landscaped area surrounding the mill.

For a special treat, indulge yourself by booking one of the Millhouse suites located on the top floor of the building. Both have recently been renovated and redecorated and include private hot tubs located on their balconies. To make a reservation for these beautiful rooms, call Apple Farm Reservations at 1-800-255-2040 and request the Millhouse suites.

Please note: Our Millhouse Outlet Store is now closed to get ready for some exciting new changes at our Millhouse. We will be having quarterly warehouse sales. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on these!.