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Winery of the Month

May 2017

Villa San-Juliette Winery

We are proud to be partnering with Villa San-Juliette during the month of May as our Winery of the Month. Everyday at our Guest Wine Tasting Reception, we will be featuring tastes of their amazing varietals. Each Friday during this time, we will feature their winemaker or winery representative at our Guest Reception. At our restaurant, be sure to order a glass of one of their delicious wines to pair with our local farm to table cuisine. Or join us for our Backyard Winemaker Dinner on Friday, May 26th at 6pm featuring Villa San-Juliette wines paired with a five-course handcrafted menu.

Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe met as schoolmates in Liverpool and a friendship blossomed. Both young men loved to entertain and as they grew into adulthood, this shared passion led to careers that often intersected, first as dancers, then as choreographers and finally as producers of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

Despite their demanding schedules, in 2004 these two friends made time to catch up over a dinner in Las Vegas. The wine was spectacular, spurring an interest in the Paso Robles AVA that would grow into a love affair. And thus, in that first sip, the dream of Villa San-Juliette Vineyard & Winery was born.

Smitten as they were, just one year later Ken and Nigel purchased a pastoral 168-acre property located at the northern edge of the Paso Robles AVA in the small town of San Miguel, California. A healthy vineyard was already established across rolling slopes and ideal soils, so Ken and Nigel directed their energies towards enhancing the natural beauty of the vineyard with a tasting room styled after the Tuscan villas that Nigel had enjoyed during trips to Italy.

Dan Smith was appointed Winemaker at Villa San-Juliette in June 2015 after two years of running cellar operations for the winery as Cellar Master. But, he has been studying wine his entire life.  He describes his approach to winemaking as more strategic than philosophical striving to craft honest wines with strong varietal character and unique blends representing the site’s terroir. Specifically, he employs a belief of crafting varietals and blends in the vineyard, co-fermenting when possible, and creating wine blends early in the barrel ageing process.

Ken and Nigel’s belief in Paso Robles wine country comes to fulfillment in Villa San-Juliette’s comfortable tasting room, superb wines, and idyllic vineyard views. Discover more at